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T & T Demolition - Services | de-construction, recycling, surface prep, demo

T&T Demolition offers a variety of services to suit the demolition, renovation and deconstruction needs of our customers. T&T Demolition can provide a full service scope, beginning with the Hazmat reporting and finishing with the grading of the site, including all elements in between. Alternatively, we can also complete projects with a scope of only one or two elements. We offer our services in Contract and Hourly Rates. Our Services include:


T&T Demolition specializes in machine demolition of complete and partial commercial, residential and industrial structures that are built with wood, metal, concrete or a combination of any of the three. We are also equipped to handle the demolition and removal of total loss insurance claims, including fire damaged and mold damaged structures.

  • Complete and Partial Residential Demolition
  • Complete and Partial Commercial Demolition
  • Complete and Partial Industrial Demolition
  • Wood Structure Demolition
  • Steel Structure Demolition
  • Concrete Structure Demolition
  • Residential and Commercial Insurance Fire and Mold Claims

Interior Machine Demolition:

T&T Demolition is equipped with smaller equipment, such as skid steer loaders, and mini excavators, to provide interior demolition at a larger scale, where using skilled operators and equipment is required.

Hazardous Materials:

T&T Demolition can provide all types of services related with Hazardous Materials, from the required reports, to the abatement and removal of the hazardous products. All of services are performed as per the WorkSafe BC Rules & Regulations, and Ministry of Environment regulations.

  • Asbestos and Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Lead Sampling, TCLP and Abatement
  • Contaminated Material Removal & Disposal
  • Oil Tank & Contaminated Soil Removal & Disposal
  • PCB Remediation
  • Material Sampling and Consulting

Concrete Slab Leveling, Surface Preparation, Floor Finish Removal & Profiling:

T&T Demolition has completed several concrete profiling, and leveling projects. Since 2009, our skilled operators have prepped concrete on all sizes and types of projects, from the Golden Ears Bridge, and the Pitt River Bridge, to slabs within warehouses. Most recently, we have been involved in the prepping of the concrete slab on the New Port Mann Bridge.

T & T Demolition | Job big or small we handle em all

Boiler Removal:

Our employees are skilled and experienced in removing existing boilers from within buildings. Whether the boiler needs abatement prior to removal or is too large to be removed from its location in one piece, T&T Demolition is prepared to safely dismantle, remove and dispose of any boiler.

Trenching and Excavation:

Our equipment operators have the required skills and knowledge for any excavation project. From small trenching, to large excavation, we have the equipment and operators to provide these services to our customers.

Backfill, Grading and Site Clearing:

None of our projects is complete until the site is backfilled and graded. We pride ourselves with our tidy work, and won’t leave a site until it is graded and level. We also provide site clearing services using our hydraulic excavator, and other equipment as a separate service. Grading and backfill can also be scheduled as its own service, whether or not we completed a demolition at the site.

Snow Removal:

During the winter, we offer snow removal to the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, by use of skid steer loader. Our operators are quick and efficient and can complete any size project that our customers require.

Please contact us for any inquiries you may have regarding the above services, or for any other service you may require but do not see listed here. We would be pleased to provide you with an estimate for your project.

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